Hit The Ground Runnin

Sudden Impact - Recorded 1986 - 1988

Sudden Impact, Autograph / BMG Canada. rlsd May 1989 (Left) Al Augunas, Guitar (Top) Blair Rumsey, Vocals (Right) Robb Knauss, Keys

(Below Rt) Jim Katone (Below Lft) Paul Piccari, Bass & Vocals

Control Yourself - Recorded 1990 - 1991

Control Yourself / Smash Records, rlsd 1999 (Left to Right) Blair Rumsey, Paul Piccari, Robb Knauss, Al Augunas, Craig Soma

Bob Cherry (far left) plays lead guitar on "Back Again". This song was written for Tommy Morrison at his request for the movie "Rocky V".

A meeting was set up with producer Dan McKeown and Stallone at the 4 Seasons hotel in Philadelphia. He told Dan that all the music was completed and was too late to add.

It was never used for the movie, but ended up as the second track for the Control Yourself album.

HGR - Recorded 2007

HGR / DSB Records, released 2007 in Germany only. Copies available by clicking the above album

For more info, contact Paul Piccari at pbass69@gmail.com

Smash TV Media, Copyright 2000

Smash TV Media, Copyright 2000